A California girl born and bred, I grew up in a family owned seafood market and cafe, and if you’ve ever been involved in a small business you know that everyone works!  I remember my very first job, my sister and I in the back pulling pin bones out of huge salmon filets.  With that came some perks, I did get to eat whatever fish I wanted almost every night for dinner, my favorite being Opakapaka, although I cringe when I see it on a menu now, at $40 a plate it’s expensive and also not sustainable. 

My father is a fantastic chef and my mom the ultimate entertainer.  I’d like to think I got my creativity in the kitchen from both of them, my dad being the guy that can make a dinner out of a seemingly empty fridge, and my mom who can plate it, garnish it, and pour you a killer cocktail while you wait. 

This little gem on the internet got started a few years back, when I was in my 20’s and suffering form terrible stomach issues.  After going the typical Western medicine/gastro route, I was told I probably have colitis, then Chron’s, then colon cancer...and after a few colonoscopies (which are terrible) I was sent home with a diagnosis of IBS, a catch-all term for some sort of undiagnosed stomach ache.  I figured it was my cross to bear and went on with my life.  Shortly after I was introduced to gluten free and that helped tremendously, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Paleo diet that my life really took a dramatic turn.   I still had a passion for food and cooking, and wanted it to mesh with my new way of eating.  Friends started asking me for ideas, so eventually took to posting it on the internet.

Worked in tech for almost 10 years, but recently shifted directions and now I do marketing for Evolve Foods.  Every recipe on here is not strict paleo, nor are any of my recipes recognized or endorsed by any bureaucratic government organization.  I can promise you that they will taste good, and if you don’t eat your body weight in any one ingredient, you’ll probably feel good too.  I like sharing meals and recipes, toasting with old and new friends, and spending time in the kitchen. As in life, use good sense. 


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