Thursday, December 16, 2010

Curried Acorn Squash with Pears

Great things happen when you plate your food.  It becomes a fine dining experience at your very own dining room table, excluding the wobbly chair (every house has one, we usually reserve it for guests, ha).  I'm going a bit squash crazy, but how can one resist such oddly shaped gourds that are so versatile, tasty and cheap?!?!

I got this idea from Bon Appetit, made a few mods....and voila...a pretty little side. 

Chop an onion and a few slices of prosciutto and saute in (a tiny bit) butter until onions are translucent, add 1 tbs curry powder, 1 tbs garam masala powder*, 1 tbs turmeric, 1 diced pear, a handful of dried cranberries and few tbs of water. Cook until liquid is gone and add 1 tbs cayenne pepper.

Slice squash and remove seeds, brush with melted butter and curry powder.  Arrange each ring on a baking sheet and fill with onion/pear mixture. Sprinkle with salt and pepper (if you have any leftover curry butter you can drizzle it on top), cover with foil and bake at 350 until squash is tender (30+ mins)

*if you have an Indian Market nearby, or even a cook specialty market, stock up on spices like curries, garam masala, cardamom seeds, vindaloo,  pav bahji packets.  I use them ALL THE TIME, and they add depth to so many dishes.

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