Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Paleo Recipe Challenge!

I love reading cookbooks and food magazines, salivating over gorgeous photos (aka food porn) and fantasizing about working next to Marco Pierre White on the line in a restaurant with 3 Michelin Stars.  I wonder if he would yell at me?  But when my dreams make way for my reality, and I really am thankful for  my life (have you seen my snorkeling dog??), I realize I have my own little dream in my very own kitchen, translating all of those wonderful, creative recipes into something that my Paleo life/tummy can enjoy. 

So consider this a call to arms!  Have you recently eaten at a restaurant and loved a particular dish but can't imagine it without breadcrumbs?  Did your grandmother used to make you something as a kid that was covered in cheese?  Is there something your craving that you think could never be made Paleo??  Are you in the middle of a Paleo challenge and getting bored with steak and broccoli??

I'm up for the challenge, so send me your ideas!  I'll spend a little time in the test kitchen and see if my skills can give you a Paleo feast! Or, if you have a fantastic recipe, send it my way and I'll try and share it!

And because every post needs a photo, here is my sous chef Brody, unfortunately not sniffing for truffles but digging his morning hole. 

1 comment:

Bullitt said...

I love breakfast burritos with beans. What can you do for me there?!


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