Monday, February 25, 2013

Eat Your Greens: Paleo Dijon Super Slaw

This is a delicious way to eat your greens... I made a huge bowl, expecting it to last a couple days, and we devoured it in one sitting.  By sitting, I mean standing at the kitchen counter, then leaving the fork in in the bowl and taking a bite every time we walked by.

Paleo Dijon Super Slaw

About 4 cups greens (I used beet greens and kale)
3 slices cooked bacon, diced
2 shredded carrots
Couple tbs chopped green onions
Handful of dried cranberries

Put it all in a big bowl

1 tbs Dijon
4 tbs olive oil
2 tbs red wine vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste

Put all the dressing ingredients in a jar, screw the lid on tight and shake it like you're bruising a martini. Toss with the greens and eat.  

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