Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall at the Farmer's Market

Nothing says "Sunday" like bribing your beloved with breakfast in bed so he'll go to the farmer's market with you. It was a typical beach morning, with a thick layer of coastal fog and the distinctive chill of fall in the breeze, so we put our jeans on, grabbed a coffee and the dog and off we went.  We  - who are we kidding - was ecstatic when we got a farmers market  a few blocks from our house this summer, and within weeks it had such a phenomenal variety of vendors, it rivaled some nearby ones that have been around for years.  Recently, with the change of seasons we're seeing some great fall produce come in and there was a plethora of sunset colors - reds, oranges, deep purples - in everything from fruit to flowers.

Another great reason to support your local market is to chat with the vendors.  You can learn so much about what's in season, where it comes from, great ways to prepare it, and even some great stories.  We chatted for a bit with the cheese guy, and he knew about every wedge he had in his case. 

I think it's absolutely magical that you can walk a few blocks away and buy a 1/4 of a grass fed cow, some purple artichokes, a homemade tamale, a wedge of chapparal cheese, brownie cookies, dinosaur egg pluots, gluten free gelato, and a lovely bouquet.  All on a quaint street in Newport Beach

All photos courtesy of Patrick Flynn, who braved a very bitter honey vendor to capture these beautiful shots. 

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Seaside Kitchen said...

You can get more information about the Newport Beach Farmer's Market at www.newportFM.com. They're also on facebook and twitter!


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