Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekday Breakfast Out

There's something great about going out to breakfast.  It's usually eaten much more leisurely than the quick frittata we shove in our mouths as we get dressed and rush out the door for work  It's a time to visit with friends, enjoy someone topping off your coffee - as well as doing the cooking and the cleaning - and possibly even eat something more adventurous and complicated than what normally comes out of your own kitchen.  One our favorite local restaurants is a little converted house in Newport called Alta, where while they're known for their baked goods, they also have some paleo friendly omelettes and egg dishes.  They also give you a random coffee mug, and today, it seemed they wanted me to imagine I was in Hawaii. 

This is the South of the Border omelette - but in full disclosure, I got it with the cheese.

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