Monday, January 10, 2011

Beet and Fennel Soup

"I loooooove amuse-bouche!" These are the first words I heard from my sister as I pulled out all my little porcelain spoons prepping for a party.  Amuse-bouche, which is simply just a quick one-bite palate teaser, (usually chef's selection and not officially 'ordered' off a menu), is a nice and sophisticated way to serve up your latest creation.  Because seriously, when you're trying to impress dinner guests, offering them an amuse-bouche is way classier than a mouth amuser! It's amazing what some cheap spoons can do for your plating abilities. 

You can really do anything, but I wanted to do a cold soup, so I decided to a beet and fennel soup with a tiny dollop of greek yogurt (the recipe is paleo without the yogurt garnish).  It's a fantastic color, a combo of earthy and anise flavors, and good for your belly too. 

Saute beets, fennel bulb, onion and fenugreek seeds with some chicken stock until soft.  Pulse in a food processor -adding chicken stock as needed - until you get the desired consistency.  It's delicious warm or cold.

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