Friday, January 28, 2011

Steak & Eggs

Looks like I've got a breakfast theme going on this week, eh?  No, I'm not Canadian but sometimes I feel like a well placed 'eh' adds a little life to the end of a sentence, while you're stating the obvious. 

 One thing I like to do is buy a little extra of whatever protein I'm preparing for dinner, and then use it in the following days breakfast.  It's an easy way to squeeze a little extra money and life out of your purchase.  I was making beef carpaccio and used the leftovers to cook steak and eggs for breakfast.  

Not the most glamorous of dishes, but effective.  I had some leftover chateaubriand (a cut of the tenderloin) that I thinly sliced and cooked in a pan with some onions, salt, and pepper.  Scramble up some eggs and you've got a very hearty breakfast in no time. 

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